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Founded in 1959 in Croissy-Beaubourg, France, Owandy Radiology gained over 55 years of experience in the radiology industry and became the biggest Franco/Italian maker of medical and dental radiology systems. As the leading European manufacturer of dental radiology and imaging software, Owandy hardware and software are used by nearly half of all practitioners in France. Their range of digital radiology solutions is supplied to dentists in 50 countries, on every continent.

Owandy Radiology supplies dentists with a full range of digital imaging devices and imaging & management software to optimize and facilitate their everyday work. Beyond offering products and services, the company's mission is to contribute to the improvement of oral health. By providing leading-edge technologies and services, Owandy Radiology assists diagnosis processes and promotes patient communication. This helps obtaining an informed consent for patient treatment. The integration of Owandy Radiology products in the workflow also contributes to the organizational efficiency of dental practices.





Owandy Radiology's extensive experience and dedication to the dental market for over 20 years, make the company an ideal partner for Inline Systems. The company's key values, such as customer satisfaction, innovation, responsibility and reactiveness & flexibility, form the ideal foundation for the supply of high quality imaging solutions to the Australian and New Zealand dental market through Inline Systems. Besides that, Inline Systems is proud to function as exclusive distributor for Owandy Radiology in both countries. If you would like to learn more about how we select our partners, please Contact Us

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