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QR s.r.l., the parent company of NewTom, was founded in 1992 in Italy and started manufacturing bone densitometers, i.e. devices for the measurement of mineral density in bones. The first ideas regarding the creation of a specific CBCT for dental and maxillofacial applications date back to 1992, the year in which QR considered for the first time the possibility of carrying out some research work on a new type of equipment.

Years of research and development led to the production of the first device to use Cone Beam technology for dental applications in 1996. The NewTom 9000 (known in Italy as Maxiscan) was a revolutionary product due to its much lower exposure and scan time compared to a hospital-type multilayer CT scanner. Today, QR has the reputation of being the creator of the first dental CBCT Cone Beam unit, a device that has radically reshaped the world of dental X-ray imaging. It allows volumetric reconstructions of anatomical parts to be carried out for dentistry and imaging centre applications. However, the company did not only develop their NewTom product range, but also their software. Since 2004 NewTom products are equipped with NNT, a technologically advanced software for 2D and 3D imaging with a simple, intuitive user interface. 

Thanks to more than twenty years of experience in R&D, production and distribution, the results obtained by NewTom confirm the company's commitment to matching the highest levels of excellence and quality. Every day, NewTom confirms its market-leading position due to its expertise and know-how established through investment in several patents and inventions.





With a shared commitment to supporting the healthcare market with high-quality imaging equipment, Inline Systems is proud to function as NewTom's exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand. NewTom works closely with Inline Systems in the provision and maintenance of radiology equipment. Regular visits from NewTom representatives at Inline's offices in Sydney as well as the joint attendance of conferences and exhibitions formed not only strong business ties, but also personal relationships between staff members. Cooperation regarding employee and customer training, together with a reliable support service provided by both companies, make NewTom a highly valued partner for Inline Systems in the radiology market. If you would like to learn more about how we select our partners, please Contact Us

To discuss how your business can benefit from the NewTom rangeContact Us or call us 1300 033 723.





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  OPG - NewTom GO  
  NewTom_Go2D-3D_1000x1000   NewTom_5G XL_1000x1000_RGB   NewTom_7G_empty  
  OPG/CBCT - NewTom GO 2D/3D   Xray CBCT – NewTom 5G XL   Xray CBCT – Newtom 7G  

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  NewTom_RXDC X-VS_1000x1000   NewTom_IOS Intraoral Scanner_1000x1000   

Xray CBCT – Newtom VGi Evo

  X-ray RXDC X-VS   IOS 3D Intraoral Scanner