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QR s.r.l., the parent company of MyRay, was founded in 1992 in Imola, Italy and started manufacturing bone densitometers, i.e. devices for the measurement of mineral density in bones. The first ideas regarding the creation of applications for the radiology industry date back to 1992, the year in which QR considered for the first time the possibility of carrying out some research work in that field. 

Today, after more than 20 years of research and development, QR s.r.l has established MyRay as a brand that has earned the trust of dental professionals and radiologists all over the world. The product range, each with specific technological innovations aimed at enhancing the in-surgery work experience, includes intraoral cameras, X-ray units and wireless sensors, 2D panoramic imagers, Cone Beam 3D multiple imaging platforms and high-performance software. However, the company's promise of reliability extends far beyond the product itself to include the support and advise of highly qualified technical staff offering local assistance and remote support.  




With a shared commitment to providing dentists and radiologists with nothing less than the very best available technology, Inline Systems is proud to function as MyRay's distributor in Australia and New Zealand. This approach demands both companies working closely together to develop innovative ideas, ideas which turn technology into tangible benefits that can be appreciated in dental surgeries every day. MyRay's digital imaging solutions meet the dentist’s needs by providing design, performance and comfort, which make MyRay a highly valued partner for Inline Systems. If you would like to learn more about how we select our partners, please Contact Us

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C-U2 Intraoral HD Camera