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Med X Change, Inc. is a leading medical device manufacturer of 4K and HD medical video recording, 4K medical cameras and documentation systems for surgical environments. The company's focus lies on medical cameras, surgical video, documentation and image management in hospitals and outpatient surgery centers around the world.  Since its foundation in 1995, the company has successfully established a reputation as a pioneer provider of high-end, critical solutions in today’s surgical market.

Surgical visualization and video/image management have improved the effectiveness of today’s operating room, becoming commonplace and almost essential. Hence, Med X Change’s products offer a key solution to operating room success. Facilities and physicians utilize the company’s video recording products as a key component for immediate operating room teaching, sharing of critical experiences as well as post case image analysis. Besides that, the products allow the transfer of video and images to electronic medical record systems and function as image management control station. Med X Change is also dedicated to working with a mobile lifestyle through Med X Mobile. With the ability to store HD video and still images on mobile devices, it is the ideal solution for healthcare professionals needing to take surgical videos with them.




Med X Change works closely with Inline Systems in the provision and maintenance of high definition video recording and documentation systems for surgical environments, to support their customers in the Australian and New Zealand healthcare market. The company's commitment to help operating room success by providing high-end equipment for surgical visualization and video/image management, makes Med X Change a highly valuable partner for Inline Systems. If you would like to learn more about how we select our partners, please Contact Us

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