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Logo_I.C.Lercher_500x300About I.C. Lercher

By supplying innovative medical devices, I.C. Lercher helps healthcare professionals around the world to improve their vision. Their product range reaches from simple lighting systems or complex camera systems to general products such as loupes as well as special applications such as stroboscopy systems for ENT. The company was founded in 1987 in Stockach, Germany.

I.C. Lercher's focus during product conception and production lies on creating processes for simple and ergonomic operation, reliable functionality and a durable design. Only the most modern technologies and high-quality materials are used throughout the manufacturing process. Besides that, I.C. Lercher's philosophy and competence drive the company's innovative spirit and desire to make work for healthcare professionals easier.




I.C. Lercher works closely with Inline Systems in the provision and maintenance of high definition diagnostic systems and intra-oral camera systems. As a provider of high-quality imaging technology, Inline Systems is proud to partner with I.C. Lercher and together improve the vision of healthcare professionals all across Australia and New Zealand. Besides that, Inline Systems is proud to function as exclusive distributor for I.C. Lercher in both countries. If you would like to learn more about how we select our partners, please Contact Us

To discuss how your business can benefit from the I.C. Lercher rangeContact Us or call us 1300 033 723.




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