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Logo_Ecleris_500x300About Ecleris

Ecleris was founded in 2001 with the purpose of developing high quality medical equipment at a fair price. Today, the company covers the global market through a wide distributor network that reaches in over 60 countries. With a sustained growth, Ecleris consolidated itself throughout time in an organization that designs, develops and sells equipment aimed at microscopy, colposcopy, endoscopy and diagnosis equipment intended for ENT, gynecology, dermatology, urology, arthroscopy and aesthetic medicine, dentistry and minimally invasive surgery.

The company is characterized by a great commitment to innovation and quality of products, following ethical guidelines and showing a maximum level of responsibility throughout all business processes. The design of their equipment is based on user friendliness, aesthetic, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Besides that, Ecleris is proud to always select the best quality components available in the world market, in response to their customer’s most demanding needs. Ecleris' mission is to offer the global community the opportunity to access high-tech medical and aesthetic equipment at a fair price in order to achieve a better quality of life.




Inline Systems is proud to partner with Ecleris and bring their high-tech medical and aesthetic equipment to healthcare professionals within Australia and New Zealand. Experienced management with a long track record in this industry, together with an exceptional relationship between both companies, help provide the customer with any product needed at anytime. Besides that, Ecleris products are ensured to come with remarkable after sale service as well as continuous professional training in the use of the equipment, treatments and possible applications. If you would like to learn more about how we select our partners, please Contact Us. 

To discuss how your business can benefit from the Ecleris range, Contact Us or call us 1300 033 723.





  Ecleris_Colposcope_1000x1000   Ecleris_Colposcope Mini_1000x1000    Ecleris_Video Colposcope HD_1000x1000  
  Ecleris Colposcope  

Ecleris Colposcope Mini

  Video Colposcope HD  
   Ecleris_Colposcope HD_1000x1000    Ecleris_Operating Microscope_1000x1000    Ecleris_EndoDigi Capturing System_1000x1000  

Colposcope HD

  Ecleris Operating Microscope    EndoDigi Capturing System   
   Ecleris_Scopes_1000x1000   Ecleris_Everlux Procam HD_1000x1000     Ecleris_Stroboscope LED_2  

 Scopes - ENT Office Use


 Everlux Procam HD


Stroboscope LED 

   Ecleris_Stroboscope Xenon_1000x1000   Ecleris_Everlux Pro LED Light Source_1000x1000    Ecleris_Equipment Cart_1000x1000   

 Stroboscope Xenon


 Everlux Pro LED Light Source


 Equipment Cart