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Combining 225 years of experience and innovation, KaVo and Kerr joined forces in 2016 to form a single entity - KaVo Kerr. This fusion combined two global leaders with a long history of innovation and commitment to dental excellence and a common purpose of enabling healthy, beautiful smiles. Kerr’s long history of innovation began in 1891 in Detroit, Michigan and expanded to the European Market in 1893. KaVo was established in 1909 in Berlin with the motto of “quality and precision”, which continues to be the foundation for the company's continued excellence and innovation. KaVo Kerr's headquarter is based in Orange, California, USA.

Dedicated to serving the dental community as a total solution provider, KaVo Kerr offer a full portfolio of products and solutions ranging from endodontics, restoratives, treatment units, infection prevention, imaging, rotary, instruments, integrated digital solutions, software and service. In recent years, the KaVo brand has expanded to include such marque brands in the dental industry as DEXIS, i-CAT, Gendex, and NOMAD.  Pelton & Crane, a leader in treatment units that was established in 1900, along with Pentron and Metrex, are also part of the KaVo Kerr family. To date, KaVo Kerr maintains a continued commitment to developing innovative solutions for the dental community.




KaVo works closely with Inline Systems in the provision and maintenance of dental radiology equipment, to support their customers in the Australian healthcare market. The company's commitment to provide premier dental solutions while providing an exceptional customer experience globally, makes KaVo a highly valuable partner for Inline Systems. Besides that, KaVo's continuous investments in research and development help advance dentistry within Australia, which is also desired by Inline Systems. If you would like to learn more about how we select our partners, please Contact Us

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